Odoo Consulting Services


Odoo allows its users to manage all the business operations under single head. Odoo provides a sophisticated ambiance of its software but its customizations need expertise. Here you need a professional consultant who can analyze and point out the technical needs you require for your business operations. Consultants draw data from your company’s software, employees, managers and other users and chalk out the deficiencies you have or innovations you seek and then suggest you the appropriate functionalities or customizations. They provide training to your employees and stay beside you as a constant support.

Why Odoo Consulting

Odoo Consultancy provides a modern day business approach and point out the issues even before they happen. It provides you with a list of requirements which stands in the category of must to do. Acquiring this list makes your business operations smooth and let you operate in a given time frame.

Odoo Functional Consultant

A functional consultant deals with the front end of Odoo and perform those functions which can be operated through ready made functionalities of Odoo.
CYBAT provides you with an experienced functional consultant who can operate vast range of modules and train your staff to operate them as well as point out the technical deficiencies which are required for your specific business.

Odoo Technical Consultant

Anything which Odoo do not provides but required by your business is technical domain.
CYBAT’s technical team is highly skilled in designing and developing a platform as per your requirements. Our technical team has diminished the bridge between Odoo and businesses many times.
Technical Consultant’s will identify, customize and develop the functionalities which will make your business operations work perfectly.

Our Consulting Services Includes

Require Odoo Consultants?

Exact Business Analysis

A consultant reads the business as a philosophy and understands it as a logic. He analyze the business operations and its flow based on the data he derives from the existing software, employees and other concerned people.

Mapping your needs with Odoo

Mapping is the process of making your Odoo operational as per your needs. Consultants are people expert in their field and they deal with the barriers of your business operations. They synchronize and map Odoo according to your standards.

Best business practice

Profit and sales are the most important points of focus in a business. Operating Odoo rightfully can create a positive change in both. A consultant smooth up the business practices in Odoo by simplifying tasks, reduction in budget, productivity improvement and the income generation standards.

Hassle-free implementation

A business performs better when its operations are going as per its standards. A consultant not only take care of design and development but also implement the platform in a way you require. All these tasks are done with precise accuracy for their proper functioning.

Why Odoo Consultancy is Important?