Design Discovery

You might wonder why you can't skip this stage and move directly to design? Poor design planning and choices can cost your business much more time and resources than conducting design discovery. You will get the following discoveries.

Established Communication Plan, Defined value chain, Users Personals, Feature Breakdown Lists, Audit of Existing Functionality.

Ideation, Information, Architecture & Prototyping

Cybat designers are ready to generate ideas and turn them into prototypes. Based on our research findings, we generate as many design ideas as possible to decide on the best one. What do you get?

Content Inventory, Recommended site map, User Flows, Wireframes and Prototypes.

User Interface Design

It is about creating visual components of a website. Solid UI design is not only about the visual appeal: it also has a great impact on user acquisition and retention. Our UI design solutions establish your brand identity, making your product stand out. What do you get?

    Mockups of all resolutions, Interactive prototypes, UI assets (icons, banners, patterns), Illustrations, Animation and interaction assets, Design specification.

Testing & Evaluation

At this last phase, we will pay maximum attention to the various test. When the whole design of the product is ready, that means it's time to make sure the product works as intended and properly.

Summing Up

Now you know what's under the hood of our outstanding design solutions. Our approach, through preliminary research and continuous testing, allows us to build complex products that cover all business and users need.